How to Order


Lead time for ordering varies a lot.  If you order the week before a ship date  I probable won't be able to include it in that shipment. If it is possible I will do it but the closer to ship time we get the less likely that I will be able to buy, pack and ship that order.  You should try to order two months before you need things in your store to be safe. For example if you want to be included in the June 1st shipment it would be good to have your order by April 1st. This should be our goal but I will always try and get you your order no matter when you order.

If you are planning a new restaurant try and start the process 6 months ahead so everything.



On 95% of my products you only pay the U.S. part of the shipping.

I pay all Mexican freight charges and all customs charges. The only exceptions are furniture and bulky items. Once your order is in the U.S.A. it goes on Ground FedEx or trucking company. I have a very good custom broker and can arrange your pallet shipping at no extra cost above the actual shipping cost. If you wish you can arrange your own pick up and pallet shipping.



To simplify and keep cost down I need payment at time of purchase. (50% when order is placed and 50% before it leaves Mexico) I plan on doing the Buying Service for the rest of my life and want to keep it simple for you and me. This is going to be a "Buying Service". I can't and don't want to be a finance service. I realize that some of you won't want to do business that way and I respect your decision, but I hope that the value of what I am offering will out weigh your concerns. I am offering buyers a chance to buy internationally without buying large qualities or dealing with letters of credit and the associated costs. I'm committed to making my business a highly professional, service oriented business that you will learn to depend on. References available upon request.


Getting Started

Start with a small order and or samples if you have doubts. I will send samples without regard to minimum order. You will need to pay for the samples like any other order but at low cost you will be able to hold products in your hands and judge quality for yourself. I am sure after using my service and seeing what I have to offer you will learn to trust me. At first all I want to do is get some products in your hands and start a relationship with you.


Packaging and Damage

I am committed to making sure that all packing is of the highest quality. We will never take short cuts. I also only use recycled packing materials when ever possible. I am working on developing a system of insuring and dealing with damaged merchandise. I need the customer to inspect, take photos and notify me and the carrier immediately about all and any damage. If you do not report damage Immediately there is nothing I can do.  If you do this I promise to deal with all damaged merchandise promptly and attentively. The buyer will never have to pay for damaged products if procedures are followed. Refunds will be issued when necessary.


Minimum Orders

What is the minimum order for each craft line? I will decide on a case by case basis for now. As I gain experience with certain products I will start posting minimums for specific craft lines. Minimum orders are for each craft purchased not for the total order. 8 orders for 8 different craft lines for $50 each is completely different than one craft line order for $400. There are no minimums for first time sample orders



All prices are subject to change. Just like if you were to come down here to buy, I have to deal with crafts persons changing their prices and with changes in the dollar/peso exchange rate. You will always know before you purchase what your price is though. I promise to be fair and even handed with this.



I have always tried to protect my jewelry box customers and gift shop buyers and will continue to do so. As far as crafts go I will do the same but it will be a lot more complicated with so many different lines. If a store is buying certain lines of crafts I will give you a reasonable exclusive. Where it will be complicated is if the store across the street wants to buy different lines from what you are buying. I am going to develop a system to keep track of who's buying what but it will be a little difficult to never make a mistake. I do promise to do my best and always treat you fairly. 


Custom Orders

Custom orders are possible but it will always depend on the willingness of the crafts person. It will also depend on what and how much you want. If you want your town name painted on something that is already being painted by hand then it will not necessitate a large minimum order. If you want a completely new product that will require research and development then a much higher minimum will be necessary. All custom orders requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis.